Visiting Yauatcha for Dim Sum

This is the second time I’ve visited Yauatcha. The first time we were sat upstairs which is bright and airy, but this time we were seated downstairs. The atmosphere downstairs is different, it feels more like a glam bar/nightclub but still beautiful with twinkling ceiling lights, candle stick style lights on the wall, tea lights on the tables and a fish tank running across the bar.

The first time I went, we got told off for taking photos…. so this time I sneakily tried to take quick ones on my phone (apologies if they don’t come out very well!).

There were 4 of us who went, 3 of us shared dim sum while the 4th person had a plate of beef ho fun and a bottle of coca cola to himself!

We were taken to our table by a friendly and glamourous looking waitress and were served by other nice waiters and waitresses throughout our meal. I was surprised there was so many staff working at the time.

The tea we chose was the flowering orchid tea, which tasted nice and went well with the food. We ordered 6 little eats with the intention of ordering more afterwards. Our melt in your mouth venison puff pastries were the first to come out, which were delicious and made us wanting more.

We had our usual har gau prawn dumplings, which were tasty and what anyone would expect from a good restaurant, and we also had char sui cheung fun which was also what you would get in other dim sum eateries.

My favourite was the next dish, the wheat squid, which was the best deep fried squid I’ve ever tasted!

The prawn, cuttlefish and zucchini dumplings were probably my least favourite, they didn’t look too appetising either – maybe I’m a fan of more the traditional dishes than the contemporary ones…!

Our king crab siew long buns with pork were very tasty, especially the soup which you could suck out…

I only got to try a bit of the beef ho fun and the bit I did taste was nice and flavoursome.

Even though 6 dishes didn’t seem like too much, we were full afterwards so didn’t manage to order anything else (not even their delicious looking desserts!).

I only have one quibble, a waiter accidentally dipped his fingers in our chilli sauce, took it away, but never returned. I love and missed my chilli!

The meal cost us £16 per head which included the 12.5% service charge, which was very reasonable for a Michelin star restaurant at lunchtime. I would definitely recommend going there if you are after some fancy dim sum (and can’t face the cost of its sister restaurant, Hakkasan!).