Good Things Miracle Mattifier and Dream Cream

The Good Things range caught my eye in Boots when I was browsing for a new moisturiser, their packaging looked so simple and pretty! I’ve already mentioned in a couple of posts on Munch and Makeup that I have oily skin, so when I saw the words ‘miracle mattifier’ on the packaging I thought that I would give it a try.

Compared to other, more expensive moisturisers that I’ve used, this is lovely product for my skin. I haven’t any breakouts (maybe just a little one once a month when I’m stressed) and it also leaves my skin feeling soft. The cream describes that it has “superfruit extracts from blackcurrent and goji berry” which is supposed to absorb any excess oil. The cream smells lovely and fruity, but I can imagine some people won’t like the sweetness of it.

The miracle mattifier absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. I’m not sure how great it mattes my skin as I also use No7 Shine free primer over the top.

The Good Things dream cream also smells delicious and feels light on my skin. I love applying this after washing my face before I go to bed as it feels hydrating. On the packaging it says “for a super-moisturising treat, apply a thick layer like a face mask and leave for 10 minutes before wiping off any excess”. I haven’t tried this yet as I’m already running out of the cream!

The miracle mattifier costs £7.99 and the dream cream costs £8.99 plus I got something else ‘free’ as there were 3 for 2 offers in the shop.

Let me know if you have tried a nice night time moisturiser which you can recommend.


Which is the Perfect Primer?

After finishing my MAC prep + prime skin primer, which didn’t go well with my oily skin as my makeup still seemed to slide about on my face everywhere, I decided to try something slightly cheaper – the No7 Shine free primer (£11 for 40ml plus I had a £5 off voucher).

The tube says “stops shine for a matte free finish” for an all day matt which sounds good to me. It took me a while to get the hang of it – I did the usual, moisturise first and then slap on the primer after, which was a big opps!

If you are too liberal with the primer, it cakes onto your face leaving white marks and flakiness. It happened a few days in my last job and I’m sure my boss was convinced I had toothpaste on my face all the time! Its fine if I’m wearing foundation over the top, but sometimes I like to go bare faced.

You only need to use the smallest amount to apply on your skin and you don’t really need to rub it in as it will start to flake.

This product is definitely not for people who have dry skin, but I would recommend it if you have troublesome skin like mine. It definitely keeps the shine away.

I have mixed feelings about this product, as it does the job, but surely there’s a product out there that’s easier to apply and also keeps shine at bay.

Have you found the perfect primer? If so, let me know!