Panda Nail Art

The last nail art that I blogged about on munch and makeup was the strawberry and watermelon nail art. I wanted to try painting pandas on my nails (who doesn’t like pandas?!) and especially bought some white nail polish to do so.

The nail polishes that I used were No.7 stay perfect clear base/finishing polish, Missguided misbehave pink, Sinful confession white and Models own nail art pen.

Nail polishes

Unfortunately the nib of my Models own nail art pen decided to stop working after the first panda that I did on my thumb, so I had to use the brush instead – hence the pandas look a bit furry!

I started off by painting their white faces, once dried; I then painted their black ears, black eyes and noses. Once they dried I put tiny white dots on their eyes to make their eyeballs, finishing off with a layer of clear nail polish.

Panda nail art

I also used a light pink colour as the background, which I avoided at the beginning as I thought I might need to do a lot of correcting, but the pandas were actually quite easy to do!


Strawberry and Watermelon Nails

Using a few of my nail polishes which included, Collection 2000’s ‘hot looks’ in ninja 36, Bourjois’ ‘so laque ultra shine‘ in rouge casino 25 and jaune trendy 39 and my Models Own nail art pen, I attempted to turn my nails into strawberries and watermelons!

Despite what other people have said about the Bourjois so laque nail polish brushes being awkward, I really like them. I found the application easy and only needed one coat of the polish on my nails to get a bold red colour. Unfortunately, Collection 2000’s hot looks nail polish wasn’t as good; it was really thick and came out gloopy on my nails. I was once again happy with my Models Own pen, which I’ve used and mentioned in one of my previous posts on Munch and Makeup!

Here’s how the strawberries and melons turned out –

Have you got fruity with your nail polishes before….?

Leopard Nail Art with the Models Own Nail Art Pen

Last week I tried out my Models Own nail art pen. I decided to have a go at leopard nails as it seemed the most obvious (and easiest) design to try out first.

Here’s how they turned out –

For the background of the leopard spots I used jade green, then for the actual spots I used bubblegum pink. Once dried, I used the nail art pen to make random lines around the spots and also in the gaps.

The nail art pen has a pen nib for precise designs and is easy to use. On the other end is the long brush which I haven’t used yet – it looks like there are a few stray hairs sticking out so I might give it a trim before I let out my creative side!

I’m trying to think of food based designs I can do on my nails! If you have any ideas please let me know, I’ll try and attempt them and show you how they turn out on munch and makeup!