Cracking up my Nails

Like most other girls, I’m fond of my nail polish and enjoy playing around with different colours. Last week I was browsing in Superdrug and something caught my eye, the ‘Gosh cracked nail laquer’.

In my previous jobs, nail polish (unless clear) was not allowed, but now I’m working somewhere more relaxed and can go wild (sort of)! I’ve always wanted to try cracking nail polish so decided to go for it.

At first, I wasn’t sure about the look, but after playing around with different colours, I really liked it.

Using Models Own ‘Top Turquoise’ and their 3-in-1 basecoat on top of the cracked nail laquer, here are the results –

After experimenting, I’ve found that layering a thickish coat of the cracked nail laquer turns out better. The thinner the coat, the smaller and smudgier the cracks turn out.

I’ve never used a different cracking nail polish brand so not sure how Gosh’s cracked nail laquer compares, but it dries superfast which makes it hard for me to reapply it again if the layer is too thin.

Using a bright nail colours underneath the cracking polish worked better for me, as I tried it out over dark blues and purples but it just looked like I had dirty nails.

What do you think?