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Back from a Lovely Holiday in the Maldives

Kuramathi IslandI’m back from the Maldives, just about getting over the jet lag and have come to the realisation that the holiday is well and truly over! Gone are the lazy days of eating 3 huge meals, snorkelling, napping, 30° C climate and sunbathing every day. We arrived back to LHR on Tuesday night, greeted by November’s chilly weather. Wearing flip flops back home probably wasn’t a good choice!

We stayed at Kuramathi Island Resort. We arrived to the island by a seaplane and a short boat ride. The first thing we noticed was that it was a huge island compared to the other two islands in the Maldives that we have visited before. The staff were really friendly; a cold towel and chilled cocktail was a perfect welcome!

Every morning we had omelettes, waffles and fruit for breakfast then made our way to the beach for some snorkelling action, which was the best bit of the holiday. I love the clear, sparkling sea, even if it does get quite scary. It’s like another world with loads of cool fish and friendly sharks. After lunch, our afternoons consisted of sunbathing, reading, exploring the island and napping, before heading to the bar for a cocktail or two before dinner in the evening! Sunset cruise

Whilst on holiday, we tried diving which I really enjoyed, and wish that I had tried it a long time ago. We also went on a sunset cruise on a day where there was no sunset, and went snorkel safari where we visited a few other reefs and saw more cool fish, sharks and a turtle.

Even though it was an amazing holiday, I felt there were still a few downsides to the island.

Downsides of the Island

Because it was a huge island, as well as golf buggies to take visitors around the resort, there were a couple of minibuses and scooters driving around the island too. They didn’t have their own water processing plant either, all their water came in plastic bottles, which don’t get recycled in the Maldives, just thrown away on their ‘rubbish tip island’ or shipped to India. We had at least 4 or 5 bottles a day, which is a lot of plastic bottles if that’s what all the guests drink. I tried to take my empties back with me but not all of them fit in my bag! Maybe not a con for some people, but they also feed the stingrays at the resort. You can see stingrays and small sharks every evening waiting to be fed, which makes me wonder if they are now relying on the food too much…

Besides of a few cons, this was still an amazing trip away! I would definitely love to visit the Maldives once again! Here are a few pictures:

Maldives International Airport

Deluxe beach villa bedroom

Outside bathroom

Outdoor bathroom

View from the restaurant

Kuramathi Sandbank

Kuramathi Swimming Pool

Fruit Bat on Kuramathi


Sunset at Kuramathi

Off to the Maldives

Tickets – Check
Passport – Check
Bikini – Check
Sunscreen – Check
Snorkels –Check

It feels weird heading off on a summer holiday in the middle of November, but I cannot wait to get to the Maldives! We’ve visited two small resorts here before, Filitheyo Island and Veligandu Island, which were small, beautiful and amazing islands! Now we’re visiting a much bigger one called Kuramathi, which looks lovely as well, but I’m not sure what to expect from a bigger resort.

Anyway, I have been refreshing weather pages and although it says 31C, it also says raining but I’m hoping it’s not true! I have also been stalking TripAdvisor, where the worst review complained that there was too much vegetation…?! A bit of a weird thing to moan about!

I’m most looking forward to snorkelling, reading, listening to music and laying on the beach.

See you all in a week or so, when there will be just 4 weeks until Christmas!

Bike Riding in Swinley Forest

Over the weekend a few of us decided to enjoy the unusual hot sunshine in October with a bit of bike riding. After taking ages to load the bikes to the back of our car, we headed down to Swinley Forest in Bracknell, which is only about a 30 minute drive away.

It was loads of fun and such a pretty place to cycle around. We didn’t explore all of the trails including the ‘expert’ mountain biking area but hopefully it’s somewhere we can go after we’ve had more practice…

We stuck to the scenic nature trails and cross country through the trees (watch out for the stumps and smelly bog areas!). My favourite parts were obviously going downhill – makes the effort of cycling uphill well worth it!

If you enjoy a bike ride, definitely go down to Swinley Forest, I couldn’t stop smiling! Before you head of on your bike, you’ll need to pick up a cycle permit at ‘the Lookout’, which is only £2 per day. We also paid £1 for a map, but didn’t find it helpful. You can search for the same one online and print it off too.

Be prepared to be tender the next day, the bike riding gave me a sore bottom and achy legs afterwards!

Have you visited Swinley Forest before?

Storing my nail polishes and other bits and bobs

My nail polishes used to live in my draw to be forgotten about forever, but I started keeping them out so I could pick and choose which colour I wanted to wear. They looked quite messy just being out, so I looked into different storage ideas and my favourite one was using a cake stand!

I chose a red polka dot cake stand
which has 2 tiers and gives me some extra shelf space.

Next is to sort out my jewellery, my necklaces and bracelets are currently being hung up using a trouser hanger which isn’t very pretty…

Ideas anyone?