Putting off going to the Hairdressers with KaHm Keratin and Argan Oil

There’s something about going to the hairdressers which I hate. I dislike the process of having to call the salon with an appointment time in my mind and I panic when they say it’s not available. I then feel uneasy when they offer me an alternative appointment and don’t tell me the how much it’s going to cost (e.g. if it costs 3x more than what I had in mind the first place). I know I can always ask questions or say no thanks, but I can’t say no once I’ve got that far on the phone! Once I actually drag myself down to the salon, I feel uncomfortable with the small talk and try to focus on reading a magazine all the way through the session!

Once I’ve actually had my haircut, I wonder if I’m supposed to tip the hairdresser? They kind of linger around the till afterwards… (I do tip, but I’m not sure if my £3 is offensive).

That’s why I always try and find conditioners and hair treatments to help keep my long locks feeling soft, as it puts off a trip to the hairdressers.

KaHm Keratin and Argan Oil

As mentioned in my previous blog on Munch and Makeup, I took a trip to the wholesalers and my latest addition is KaHm Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Sleek Styling Potion (£10.74) –

“Earthly Body kaHm Keratin and Argan Daily Smoothing Treatment is hemp based hair care. Just a few drops of the astonighing kaHm Smooth Sleek Styling Potion will help you to maintain your style, giving you the silky smooth, healthy hair of your dreams.” Sounds good to me!

To use, I warmed up 3-4 drops on the palms of my hand and ran it evenly through my towel dried hair and styled as usual. The instructions recommend to blow dry with a flat brush to achieve ‘Brazilian’ straight hair, but I’m not very good (or patient) when it comes to blow drying my own hair.

I was impressed with the results. It made my hair feel super soft and smelling good. I can’t describe the smell other than being fresh, clean and subtle. My other half thinks it makes my hair smell like coconuts but I’m not too convinced…

Here’s how my hair looked after using the KaHm Keratin and Argan Oil –

KaHm Keratin and Argan Oil Hair

The only thing which disappointed me was that it didn’t really fix my dry ends. Which has made me finally book an appointment with the hairdressers, which I did online with a 50% off discount code – I’m already having bad dreams about it!

Does anyone else get anxious about going to the hairdressers?!