New Snack – Ryvita Thins

Ryvita ThinsI’ve actually been looking for an alternative to crisps and dips (it’s one of my weaknesses) and I think I may have found it! Over the weekend I tried Sweet Chilli Ryvita Thins sent to me by the lovely Laura at the Work Perk.

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Fun with Fondue

Emmi Cheese FondueThe first and last time I had cheese fondue was when me and my friends were snowboarding in the French Alps. It was food of the Alpine gods! I’ve never had it since, but recently ‘the work perk’ offered to send a couple of packs of Emmi Swiss Cheese Fondue to try, I couldn’t resist! After tasting it again, I don’t think many people would be able to resist!  Continue reading

Hungry for Steak at Hawksmoor

Steak at HawksmoorA few weeks ago my boyfriend and I visited Hawksmoor Steakhouse in the Seven Dials. The steak was delicious and the experience was fantastic!

The vibe in the restaurant was cool and relaxed which made us feel comfortable straight away. We started off with a couple of cocktails each. I had a rum number described as “a secret mix of rums and tropical fruit”, which was pretty strong!

After being seated by our friendly waitress, we listened to her recommendations and ended up skipping the starters and ordered a 900g Porterhouse steak from the chef’s daily cuts with triple cooked chips, asparagus, potatoes and peppercorn sauce on the side.

The steak was so good that what I write probably won’t do it justice. Every bit of it was tasty and tender, down to the seared fat… my mouth is watering as I write this blog!


After this point we were stuffed but couldn’t say no to dessert. I ordered a peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice cream whilst my boyfriend had a honeycomb cheesecake. We really could have done with just ordering one to share, but we were too greedy and they were good nonetheless.

The whole meal and a bottle of (mid range) wine came to £200, which was quite pricey but worth every penny, I felt that we also ordered more than we needed.

The dress code was quite casual so there was no need to worry about dressing up (just make sure you have a loose number on!).

If you love steak, one word – go!
Have you eaten at Hawksmoor? Let me know what you think!

Do you Katsu?

Chicken katsu curry is usually a dish that winks at me at restaurants, but I always go for noodles instead, so I was determined to make this Japanese curry dish at home. Then I came across this cheeky little kit at a supermarket:

Katsu Curry

The instructions were very easy to follow – beat an egg to cover the chicken, cover with the breadcrumbs and fry. Simples! Here’s how it went:

It costs £3.50 for the kit plus the chicken, so quite reasonable (and cheaper than restaurants!).

Let me know which dishes you cheat at when it comes to cooking!

Mission for Cupcakes at the Hummingbird Bakery

Last week a friend and I met up in London for a catch up and to visit the Hummingbird Bakery. We went to the South Kensington bakery but there wasn’t any space for us to sit and chat, so we decided to go to a different cafe and come back later…. Although later, it was even busier, so we missioned it across London to the Soho bakery. After a couple of detours and very sore feet, we finally arrived!! However, there weren’t any seats for us either, which didn’t matter at this point as the cupcakes looked amazing!

I picked up a red velvet cupcake, black bottom cupcake and a pink cupcake with pink glitter on it (can’t remember what it’s called!). The packaging was pretty as well:

Hummingbird Cupcakes

Black bottom and red velvet

Hummingbird Cupcake

Every time I’m in central London, I think I’ll be bringing back a cupcake every time – they are delicious!

Only wish is that they open up bigger bakeries with lots of seating! Please make this happen! Have you tried a cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery?

The cupcakes came to just under £9.

A Visit to Nobu Restaurant

NobuA couple of weeks ago I went for a meal with a couple of friends to Japanese restaurant, Nobu. It’s located above the Metropolitan Hotel, Park Lane, but had its own entrance to the restaurant. The staff, decor and more importantly the food, were all excellent!

When we arrived the staff were friendly and welcoming. We nibbled on edamame beans while deciding what to order. We didn’t really know where to start, so I asked the waiter if we could share the food – I was half expecting him to turn his nose up at me, but he said everything on the menu could be shared and he then guided us around the it! Put at ease, we ordered the tempura dinner, the black cod the sashimi dinner and sushi dinner to share.

The food was lovely, but the black cod was certainly the highlight of the night! I can’t stop thinking about the miso marinated, sweet, mouth-watering taste of the silky black cod.

It’s hard for me to describe the food, so here are some pictures:



Black Cod:

Black Cod

Sashimi and Sushi:

White Chocolate:

White chocolate

Two of us finished dinner with a cocktail, one Lychee cocktail and one Watermelon cocktail, which were both delicious. I could have worked my way through the cocktail list! My other friend had a white chocolate with green tea ice cream for dessert (I can’t remember the name of it!), which he also enjoyed.

Along with a bottle of Sancerre and a bottle of water, the whole meal came to around £270. The food was definitely worth it.

I would love to go again and am thinking of visiting the Berkeley Street Nobu, but I don’t have many friends who like sushi (or they just refuse to try it!). Also, if you’re umming and ahhing about what to wear, it says the dress code is smart casual, but most people were dressed smart.