June’s Beauty Wish List

ElemisIt’s coming up to pay day which is around the time each month where I start making my wish list of beauty goodies! Here’s what’s on my list this month:

Elemis Fresh Skin Clear Overnight Serum

My current Medik8 serum is good but I’m always on the lookout for something new. I like the sound of Elemis’ Fresh Skin Clear Overnight Serum that describes itself as a decongesting serum that improves skin clarity by gently smoothing and exfoliating. It’s £18 on HQHairwhich seems like a good price for a serum. Let me know if you have any serum recommendations! Continue reading


Are you Feeling Nosy? Find out what’s in my Handbag!

MoneySupermarket are interested to know what people carry around with them on a daily basis and to be in with a chance of winning a lovely Mulberry handbag, purse and phone case, all you need to do is share a blog post about what’s in your handbag as well as the value of what you carry around everyday – I’m sure it does all add up!  Continue reading

Back from a Lovely Holiday in the Maldives

Kuramathi IslandI’m back from the Maldives, just about getting over the jet lag and have come to the realisation that the holiday is well and truly over! Gone are the lazy days of eating 3 huge meals, snorkelling, napping, 30° C climate and sunbathing every day. We arrived back to LHR on Tuesday night, greeted by November’s chilly weather. Wearing flip flops back home probably wasn’t a good choice!

We stayed at Kuramathi Island Resort. We arrived to the island by a seaplane and a short boat ride. The first thing we noticed was that it was a huge island compared to the other two islands in the Maldives that we have visited before. The staff were really friendly; a cold towel and chilled cocktail was a perfect welcome!

Every morning we had omelettes, waffles and fruit for breakfast then made our way to the beach for some snorkelling action, which was the best bit of the holiday. I love the clear, sparkling sea, even if it does get quite scary. It’s like another world with loads of cool fish and friendly sharks. After lunch, our afternoons consisted of sunbathing, reading, exploring the island and napping, before heading to the bar for a cocktail or two before dinner in the evening! Sunset cruise

Whilst on holiday, we tried diving which I really enjoyed, and wish that I had tried it a long time ago. We also went on a sunset cruise on a day where there was no sunset, and went snorkel safari where we visited a few other reefs and saw more cool fish, sharks and a turtle.

Even though it was an amazing holiday, I felt there were still a few downsides to the island.

Downsides of the Island

Because it was a huge island, as well as golf buggies to take visitors around the resort, there were a couple of minibuses and scooters driving around the island too. They didn’t have their own water processing plant either, all their water came in plastic bottles, which don’t get recycled in the Maldives, just thrown away on their ‘rubbish tip island’ or shipped to India. We had at least 4 or 5 bottles a day, which is a lot of plastic bottles if that’s what all the guests drink. I tried to take my empties back with me but not all of them fit in my bag! Maybe not a con for some people, but they also feed the stingrays at the resort. You can see stingrays and small sharks every evening waiting to be fed, which makes me wonder if they are now relying on the food too much…

Besides of a few cons, this was still an amazing trip away! I would definitely love to visit the Maldives once again! Here are a few pictures:

Maldives International Airport

Deluxe beach villa bedroom

Outside bathroom

Outdoor bathroom

View from the restaurant

Kuramathi Sandbank

Kuramathi Swimming Pool

Fruit Bat on Kuramathi


Sunset at Kuramathi

Strawberry and Watermelon Nails

Using a few of my nail polishes which included, Collection 2000’s ‘hot looks’ in ninja 36, Bourjois’ ‘so laque ultra shine‘ in rouge casino 25 and jaune trendy 39 and my Models Own nail art pen, I attempted to turn my nails into strawberries and watermelons!

Despite what other people have said about the Bourjois so laque nail polish brushes being awkward, I really like them. I found the application easy and only needed one coat of the polish on my nails to get a bold red colour. Unfortunately, Collection 2000’s hot looks nail polish wasn’t as good; it was really thick and came out gloopy on my nails. I was once again happy with my Models Own pen, which I’ve used and mentioned in one of my previous posts on Munch and Makeup!

Here’s how the strawberries and melons turned out –

Have you got fruity with your nail polishes before….?

Which is the Perfect Primer?

After finishing my MAC prep + prime skin primer, which didn’t go well with my oily skin as my makeup still seemed to slide about on my face everywhere, I decided to try something slightly cheaper – the No7 Shine free primer (£11 for 40ml plus I had a £5 off voucher).

The tube says “stops shine for a matte free finish” for an all day matt which sounds good to me. It took me a while to get the hang of it – I did the usual, moisturise first and then slap on the primer after, which was a big opps!

If you are too liberal with the primer, it cakes onto your face leaving white marks and flakiness. It happened a few days in my last job and I’m sure my boss was convinced I had toothpaste on my face all the time! Its fine if I’m wearing foundation over the top, but sometimes I like to go bare faced.

You only need to use the smallest amount to apply on your skin and you don’t really need to rub it in as it will start to flake.

This product is definitely not for people who have dry skin, but I would recommend it if you have troublesome skin like mine. It definitely keeps the shine away.

I have mixed feelings about this product, as it does the job, but surely there’s a product out there that’s easier to apply and also keeps shine at bay.

Have you found the perfect primer? If so, let me know!

Welcome to Munch and Makeup

I may be very late when it comes to the world of blogging, but I’ve finally made it! Welcome to my new blog, Munch and Makeup, which aims to be a space where I can share my main interests, food, makeup and maybe a little bit of travelling!

My name is Angelina, I’m in my 20s and am currently living at my mum’s house with my boyfriend of 5 years (with the intention of saving up money to move out). I currently have a full time job working in online marketing and also a part time job working in a wine shop to earn some extra pocket money. When I’m not working, you’ll find me catching up with friends, at the cinema, shopping, eating, at zumba class, glued to the TV or hopefully blogging. You can read more about me on my ‘about me’ page.

The reason why I chose the blog name Munch and Makeup, is because I didn’t want people who are interested in food to stumble across a post about makeup and feel conned and vice versa.

Until next time……