About me

I’m Angelina, 20 something years old and am currently living at my mum’s house, with my boyfriend, trying to save money to move out.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) Tourism Management degree from Bournemouth University in 2010 and have started my career in the world of online marketing. I also work in a wine shop to earn some extra cash!

Things I like include…

Food – Dim Sum and Nandos being my favourite.

Makeup – Am partial to nail polish.

Online Shopping – I like to put things in my basket.

Holidays – This is ultimately what I probably save up my money for.

Social Networking – Love to tweet. On a Tuesday night you can find me tweeting #TTOT (Talk Travel on Twitter), a social media travel event and a social travel hashtag.

Films – Nothing better than watching a chick flick or something to make you laugh.

TV – Watching TV, I get addicted to watching ANYTHING that’s a reality TV show. You name it, I probably watch it.

Feel free to drop me an email if you want to get in contact angelina.foster@gmail.com
or tweet me @AngelinaFoster


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