New Snack – Ryvita Thins

Ryvita ThinsI’ve actually been looking for an alternative to crisps and dips (it’s one of my weaknesses) and I think I may have found it! Over the weekend I tried Sweet Chilli Ryvita Thins sent to me by the lovely Laura at the Work Perk.

I cheated and had them with Tesco’s tex mex dip, rather than making my own dips – I will get around to making my own one day….one day……

The thins only have 31 calories per slice (plus the calories from the dips of course!) which compared to everything else I eat, is considerably healthy.

They weren’t how I expected them to look, I thought the texture would be more similar to sweet chilli crisps/crackers where they usually have chilli looking bits on them that’s quite overpowering, but these Ryvita Thins were thin (obviously), crunchy and had just a touch of spice which went well with my soured cream & chive, nacho cheese and guacamole dips. I also tried it with triple chilli salsa but it was a bit too much for me!Ryvita Thins

These are definitely good snacks to share with friends when they come over for nibbles, or picnics now the sun has finally made an appearance or even at work when you fancy a nibble!

There are other flavours available including multi seed, sundried tomato and herb and cheddar and cracked pepper thins. Am looking forward to buying the other flavours but must remind myself that eating them all will cancel out the healthy aspect!

Has anyone tried these? Which is your favourite flavour?

Ryvita Thins


One thought on “New Snack – Ryvita Thins

  1. These do look tasty. My chip is mostly a way to eat dips, so cutting back on calories in the crisp sounds good to me. =]

    Also, just wanted to let you know I’m bestowing you with a Leibster Award on my blog!

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