Dove Spa Treatments and my Thermal Therapy Night Cream

Mineral InfusionA friend and I recently went to the Dove Spa in Egham for a ‘Two of a Kind’ treatment and enjoyed a back and shoulder massage, a facial, foot massage and head massage! It cost £95 and for the range of treatments, the price was definitely worth it and perfect for a bit of pampering. My favourite part was the back and shoulder massage – but who doesn’t love a good massage?! 

I would definitely recommend heading to a Dove Spa after a hard day’s work where you just need someone to get the knots and clicks out of your shoulders and make you feel relaxed again (I’m sure most of you know what I mean!). I will definitely be back!

After the spa treatments I bought myself a lovely new night cream:

Mineral Infusion Thermal Therapy Night CreamDove Mineral Infusion

This is probably one of my favourite night creams that I’ve ever bought. I thought price was a bit hefty at £31 especially as I feel the Dove brand has quite an ‘affordable’ reputation. However the therapist explained that it contained essential minerals from the Pyranees mountains, algae extract from the ocean, vitamin E, argan oil and cocoa butter which will all do wonders for my skin! This convinced me to give it a go – that and my last night cream also cost around the same price – £33 (Origins Night-A-Mins).

The Dove Thermal Therapy Night Cream is great because it smells fresh and is a pleasure to put before bed. The texture is smooth and light and I don’t need much to cover my face and neck. It actually feels relaxing when applying it!

Mineral Infusion CreamIf you are unsure about the range, speak to one of Dove Spa’s therapists as they’ll be happy to show you the products. They certainly convinced me and I’m now looking forward to trying other products from Dove Spa!

Has anyone else been to the spa or tried any of the products?


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