Fun with Fondue

Emmi Cheese FondueThe first and last time I had cheese fondue was when me and my friends were snowboarding in the French Alps. It was food of the Alpine gods! I’ve never had it since, but recently ‘the work perk’ offered to send a couple of packs of Emmi Swiss Cheese Fondue to try, I couldn’t resist! After tasting it again, I don’t think many people would be able to resist! 

I didn’t know something like this existed; all you have to do is empty the packet, heat over a hob and stir for 10 minutes! Perfect! After it’s cooked you’re supposed to heat it in your fondue bowl over a burner. However, we don’t have an actual fondue set in the house so had to improvise around my gas hob (hence the bubbling and slight burning on the sides of my pot! Opps!)

Emmi Cheese Fondue Dippers

Emmi Cheese Fondue Dippers

We had ours with bread, carrots, cherry tomatoes and apple slices. The cheese was smooth, thick and stringy and perfect for dipping. Surprisingly, the cheese with the apple slices was my favourite.

Other ideas for ‘dippers’ include radishes, pears, potatoes, grapes, asparagus and tortilla crisps which I think would work well! Sides of sliced cured meats, olives and salad would also be a good addition.

If you are thinking of getting your friends around and are not sure what to make, I would definitely recommend cheese fondue – it’s great for sharing and very easy to make.

Cheesy Apple

Cheesy Apple

What’s your favourite fondue dip?


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