New Snack – Ryvita Thins

Ryvita ThinsI’ve actually been looking for an alternative to crisps and dips (it’s one of my weaknesses) and I think I may have found it! Over the weekend I tried Sweet Chilli Ryvita Thins sent to me by the lovely Laura at the Work Perk.

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Dove Spa Treatments and my Thermal Therapy Night Cream

Mineral InfusionA friend and I recently went to the Dove Spa in Egham for a ‘Two of a Kind’ treatment and enjoyed a back and shoulder massage, a facial, foot massage and head massage! It cost £95 and for the range of treatments, the price was definitely worth it and perfect for a bit of pampering. My favourite part was the back and shoulder massage – but who doesn’t love a good massage?!  Continue reading

Fun with Fondue

Emmi Cheese FondueThe first and last time I had cheese fondue was when me and my friends were snowboarding in the French Alps. It was food of the Alpine gods! I’ve never had it since, but recently ‘the work perk’ offered to send a couple of packs of Emmi Swiss Cheese Fondue to try, I couldn’t resist! After tasting it again, I don’t think many people would be able to resist!  Continue reading