Capture the Colour

Just a last minute entry for TravelSupermarket’s capture the colour competition! The idea is for bloggers to share their photos that capture the colours blue, green, yellow, white and red. I had a long look through my photos and I know both my photography skills and camera could be improved, but here are my entries:


One of my favourite places in the world is the Maldives aka paradise, this picture was taken at one of the bigger resorts I’ve been to – Kuramathi Island. The sea is glorious! You can read more about my trip to the Maldives in one of my previous posts on Munch and Makeup.



This photo was taken earlier this year in Mauritius. We spotted a monkey chilling out in the trees! I’m not too keen on monkeys, I’ve had a few bad experiences with them in the past ambushing me and robbing my food/drink. I have also had naughty monkeys stealing things from my hotel room and pooping everywhere…. has anyone else had bad experiences with them?! Everyone seems to think I’m nuts…!



A photo featuring yellow was a hard one to find for me, I tried to steer away from posting up a sunset picture. Sashimi is one of my favourite foods to eat and I’ll try it wherever I travel! This picture wasn’t taken too far away from home, it was after a day’s shopping trip in central London:



This picture was taken when I went to Banff, Canada with a friend for a snowboarding trip. The snow was AMAZING! There was a lot of time when we just had to play in the powder because of how deep it was. We did a few trips and excursions including snowmobiling:



My red picture was taken in Barcelona, a few of us did 4 nights staying in a hostel and packed in all the tourist attractions we could. It was one of the most tiring but fun trips that I’ve been on in Europe. I saw these bikes and thought they were pretty cool, it was way before we had Boris bikes in London!


A few of my favourite travel blogs and people that should also get involved are:



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