Treating my Toes to Daisy Gel Polish

I’ve just come back from a fab holiday in Mauritius, it was quite windy but we did end up with some much needed sunshine. The sea was also magnificently crystal clear as well!

So back on topic, before I went on holiday I headed to the nail salon to get my toenails done with Shellac polish as I heard they last around 14 days and are low maintenance as they keep their brightness and do not scratch – which sounds perfect for a holiday.

I noticed they used a ‘Daisy’ gel brand which I assume is a cheaper version of Shellac/Gelish? I chose a hot pink colour as I love bright colours on my toes, especially in the summer.

First they added a base gel on my toes before putting them under the UV lamp. Next they applied a layer of Daisy nail polish and put them under the UV lamp again, after repeating the 2nd step the top coat was applied before placing them under the UV lamp again.

The nail polish definitely made me smile and I couldn’t stop admiring my toes afterwards!

Daisy gel toenails

It has been two weeks since I got them done and they haven’t chipped or lost their shininess at all. I’m just wondering how I get it off now…

I decided not to get my fingernails done at the time as I’m not sure how much they damage your nails and if one chipped while I was away it would have driven me mad!

Let me know if you have tried this and if you have any tips or suggestions.


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