Off to the Maldives

Tickets – Check
Passport – Check
Bikini – Check
Sunscreen – Check
Snorkels –Check

It feels weird heading off on a summer holiday in the middle of November, but I cannot wait to get to the Maldives! We’ve visited two small resorts here before, Filitheyo Island and Veligandu Island, which were small, beautiful and amazing islands! Now we’re visiting a much bigger one called Kuramathi, which looks lovely as well, but I’m not sure what to expect from a bigger resort.

Anyway, I have been refreshing weather pages and although it says 31C, it also says raining but I’m hoping it’s not true! I have also been stalking TripAdvisor, where the worst review complained that there was too much vegetation…?! A bit of a weird thing to moan about!

I’m most looking forward to snorkelling, reading, listening to music and laying on the beach.

See you all in a week or so, when there will be just 4 weeks until Christmas!


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