Visit to Barbecoa

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went for drinks and dinner at Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang’s Barbecoa restaurant in the City.

Barbecoa Menu

The story behind Barbecoa restaurant sounds impressive along with its kitchen, which according to their website has Japanese robata grills, tandoor ovens, fire pits and Texan smokers to cook the meat and food with. It would have been great if the kitchen was open so we could see the food being cooked. However, we did have a fabulous view of St. Pauls Cathedral!

St Pauls Cathedral

We had a table booked quite late, for 9pm but the restaurant was still buzzing and had a nice relaxed atmosphere. The staff were friendly and seemed happy to help.

To nibble on, we had pork scratchings (£4) and a bread board (£4). The pork scratchings were crispy and so nice. The bread board was really filling, the only thing that would have been nice was some olive oil and balsamic vinegar to go with it.

pork scratchings

bread board

To start, we shared a portion of crispy calamari (£10) which came with smashed avocado, lemon and rocket and a portion of crispy pig cheeks with piccalilli, chive and lamb’s lettuce salad (£8). Calamari is something that I’ll always order if I see it on the menu as it’s one of my favourites. The batter was quite light so wasn’t as crispy as I was hoping it to be, but it was still tasty and went well with the avocado. On the other hand I didn’t enjoy the crispy pig cheeks, the texture was like eating a stringy/ tough fish – I’m not sure what I was expecting though as this was my first experience eating it!


Pig cheeks

For our mains we shared the APL rib-eye for two (£65), which is described on the menu as ‘dry aged for a minimum of 48 days, minimum 1.1kg’. The steak was cooked medium rare, as recommended by the waiter/chef and it didn’t disappoint at all. It’s probably the best steak that we’ve tasted for a while. It was succulent, reddish and melted in our mouths! We also had duck fat chips (£4) on the side, but I found them too salty. However, my boyfriend liked them (he’s a salt lover!).

Rib eye steak with chips

Even though we were really full and our bodies were overloaded with cholesterol, we couldn’t say no to dessert! We shared white chocolate ice-cream (£6), although I only took one bite as you really needed to have a sweet tooth, which I don’t have. On the other hand, it went down a treat with my other half!

white chocolate ice cream

The meal came to £159.47 which included a service charge of 12.5%. If you like your meat, definitely go to Barbecoa and try the steak. If you’re not a meat eater, it’s best if you take your money to a different restaurant. Overall, I had a good night and am glad that I’ve finally been, but I wouldn’t go again for a while.


One thought on “Visit to Barbecoa

  1. I eat a rather vegetarian diet so would probably take my money to a different restaurant, as advised lol. But it looks like a very elegant and refined meal. Glad you enjoyed it!

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