Missguided Nail Polish

I picked up a free Missguided nail polish in each of Cosmopolitan magazine’s September and October issues. The colours I got were Missbehave (light pink) and Misstaken (orange) and are worth £5.00 each.

So far, I’ve only tried the Missbehave polish, which is the colour on my nails in the picture below.

I just needed two coats of the polish to get the same shade as the colour in the bottle, but I used three coats (just to see how much of a difference it made!). The polish applies on well and leaves a nice gloss, but it doesn’t dry superfast, but it’s still faster than some of the nail polishes I’ve bought in the past.

I would definitely buy other Missguided nail polishes, but looking at their website, there isn’t that much of a selection to choose from. Hopefully there’ll be more soon!

Have you tried any of Missguided’s freebies? Or have you bought any of their beauty products?


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