Bronzing with Benefit Hoola

One of my must have makeup products and repurchases is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. I love that it’s matte and has no shimmer or sparkle in it, which gives a natural sun kissed look.

I’m not a fan of the brush that comes with the bronzer, it tends to look too ‘square’ or ‘stripy’ on my face, and when I first used the product with the brush, I thought it made me look dirty like I had mud on my face! However, using my favourite brush, the product applies really nicely and you don’t need to use much of it to get a natural bronzed colour.

It’s quite pricey at £23.50 but it lasts for ages and I haven’t found a bronzer that I like more!

Let me know if you have any bronzer recommendations by leaving a comment on Munch and Makeup.


5 thoughts on “Bronzing with Benefit Hoola

  1. You like this one? I really don’t like it at all. I use Nars Laguna bronzer…Nars is a ittle bit more pricey than this one, and Laguna does have some shimmer, but it’s just SO amazing. It looks totally natural, it’s the PERFECT bronzer for like, 70% of people. I just love it. They have two other bronzers, the names escape me, but one’s matte if that’s what you MUST have, and it’s just a Laguna dupe minus the shine.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely check out the matte version of the bronzer – I try to stay away from shimmer as my face is shiny enough, no matter how much primer I use!

  3. Then google “Neostrata Mattifying Fluid”. I’m not sure if you’re in Canada, but if you’re not I think you can order it online from quite a few places. Seriously, this acts almost like an antiperspirant on your face…and for AT LEAST 5 hours, your face will be totally shine free. I have awfully shiny skin too, but this is like, my night-out lifesaver.

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