Bike Riding in Swinley Forest

Over the weekend a few of us decided to enjoy the unusual hot sunshine in October with a bit of bike riding. After taking ages to load the bikes to the back of our car, we headed down to Swinley Forest in Bracknell, which is only about a 30 minute drive away.

It was loads of fun and such a pretty place to cycle around. We didn’t explore all of the trails including the ‘expert’ mountain biking area but hopefully it’s somewhere we can go after we’ve had more practice…

We stuck to the scenic nature trails and cross country through the trees (watch out for the stumps and smelly bog areas!). My favourite parts were obviously going downhill – makes the effort of cycling uphill well worth it!

If you enjoy a bike ride, definitely go down to Swinley Forest, I couldn’t stop smiling! Before you head of on your bike, you’ll need to pick up a cycle permit at ‘the Lookout’, which is only £2 per day. We also paid £1 for a map, but didn’t find it helpful. You can search for the same one online and print it off too.

Be prepared to be tender the next day, the bike riding gave me a sore bottom and achy legs afterwards!

Have you visited Swinley Forest before?


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