Electric Blue with Nars Outremer Eyeshadow

I thought the days of wearing bright colours on my eyelids had long gone, but this striking blue colour from Nars caught my eye which made me impulse buy, for a steep £16.50…

The texture is fairly chalky and I found the eyeshadow quite hard to apply evenly- but that could just be my poor skills!

I used Mac’s prep + prime eye primer and still managed to make the eyeshadow come out rather patchy. My hooded eyes probably don’t help!

The colour didn’t come out as bright as I thought it would be, which is a good thing, because it makes outremer wearable for both days and nights. However, I haven’t tried applying this eyeshadow with a damp brush yet, but it’s something I will definitely try soon to see how a deeper colour turns out.

Have you sailed with Nars’ Outremer? How did you find it?


9 thoughts on “Electric Blue with Nars Outremer Eyeshadow

  1. I really like Nars eyeshadows, it’s better to buy them in the duos though as they are ridiculously expensive. I haven’t played with this color yet, but I don’t find the ones I’ve used chalky. I’d say try dampening your brush a little. They work well wet or dry, which is such a huge bonus with Nars products. Loooooveeee.

  2. This was an impulse buy, so next time I will choose a NARS duo! When I next wear it, I’ll also use a damp brush as I’m sure that the colour will be more striking as well.

  3. They have a black eyeshadow with sparkles in it, I think it’s called like…”Nightbreed” or something. I don’t know off of the top of my head, but I use it wet and I am in LOVE. It creates a beautifully dark, sparkly smokey eye. It comes in a duo, check it out next time you’re out and about, ahaha.

  4. I don’t, but I’ll have to start doing swatches and things when I get fully situated! I just moved back to the city, ahaha! So when I’m a bit more comfortable and unpacked, I’ll definitely get a swatch for you.

    I found one for you in the meantime though…GORGEOUS. Love Nars! They have a gold cream eyeshadow that looks awesome on asian skintones as well, check it out my love.


    • Wow, night breed looks so good – just like a starry evening! I’m going to go down to Nars over the weekend to check out more of their makeup! Think I’m going to be broke……..

  5. I know right! We have IMATs in like…a month, so I’m just going to wait for that and then buy some NARs with my discount…agh, too excited! Oh! and the gold is called “Corfu”, ahaha. I dug it up for you. You’d love it!

    • Aaah hopefully you get your hands on some NARS – I heard that they sell like hot cakes at those kind of places! Thanks for digging up the gold for me – will check it out after work! 🙂

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