How to Make an Oreo Milkshake

Last week I made a naughty milkshake, it was naughty because it was an Oreo milkshake which makes it very calorific (yet delicious at the same time)!

Like my strawberry milkshake recipe that I shared on Munch and Makeup, I didn’t really use measurements. Here’s what you need if you fancy making one –

Tub of vanilla ice cream
Half a packet of Oreos
Semi Skimmed Milk
A dollop of Nutella (optional)

Method (1 or 2 glasses)-
1. Scoop about half a tub of ice cream into the blender (I used half a tub of carte d’or)
2. Pour in about half a glass of milk and whizz.
3. Add in the Oreos (I used 6) and blend together.
4. Have a taste and if you want it chocolatier add a dollop of Nutella.
5. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I’ll need to be doing A LOT of Zumba to burn this off! What’s your favourite milkshake?


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