Meaty Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burgers

Over the weekend a couple of us went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) to take advantage of the burger, chips and drink for £10 meal deal.

I chose a blue cheese burger and got some extra blue cheese dip and onion rings for the side.

GBK offers the best burgers to fill hungry bellies on the high street – they are huge, messy and satisfying.

My burger was filled with beef, relish, blue cheese and fresh salad including tomato, lettuce and onion (the only thing that was missing was a gherkin!). The golden, crispy chips and onion rings were a delicious nibble for the side. However, my eyes were certainly bigger than my belly, I finished the burger but couldn’t finish ALL the chips and onion rings.

After the meal I suffered a food coma and had to have a nap… it was that good and well worth the tenner!

Have you visited GBK for a meaty burger lately?


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