Popping down to Pizza Express

During the week the girls and I met up for a much needed catch up. We decided on going to Pizza Express because its food everyone eats and easy to get to, but mainly because of the 2 for 1 offer on main courses!

The menu looked different from when I last visited, it has a new pink colour splashed over it which I loved. I also liked the stripy tops that the chefs had on! We shared some olives while waiting for our starters. It took a while but the dough balls and garlic butter dip (£2.90) were well worth the wait!

I chose the new De Morire romana based pizza (£11.50) for my main course. The romana base is “bigger, thinner and crispier” than the classic pizzas. The De Morire is probably my new favourite pizza from Pizza Express, it was more flavoursome than any of the pizzas I’ve had there in the past. It’s spicy and topped with mouth watering ingredients including mozzarella, crispy pancetta, caramelised leeks and artichoke.

Unfortunately we couldn’t fit in a dessert this time, but I will definitely like to have one next time.

Pizza Express is always a safe bet for a nice pizza or pasta but I’m not that much of an Italian food fan. It’s not something I crave and if I’m going to a restaurant chain, I will always prefer a Nando’s or noodle bar! However, it was a nice meal out and had a nice atmosphere for catching up with friends.


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