Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

While making a strawberry milkshake over the weekend with an intention of sharing it on my munch and makeup blog, I realised that I didn’t actually measure anything accurately! It still tasted delicious though. Here’s how I made it-

Tub of vanilla ice cream
Punnet of strawberries (with their tops removed)
Strawberry sauce (optional)

Method (1 or 2 glasses)-
1. Scoop about half a tub of ice cream into the blender (I used half a tub of carte d’or)
2. Pour in about half a glass of milk and whizz.
3. Add in some strawberries (I used 200g) and blend together.
4. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

You could also add in strawberry sauce to make the milkshake taste sweeter, however, I think it already tastes great without it.

Easy peasy and a perfect weekend treat!


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