Models Own It Bubblegum Fan

To celebrate reaching 50,000 likes on Facebook, Models Own gave fans 50% off their online orders, so as a huge fan I decided it would be rude not to make a purchase.

Since my first ever order with Models Own at the beginning of 2010, their parcels have been perfectly packaged and make me feel special every time!

This time round I went for their jade stone, champagne, purple passion (which I’ve had and used up before) and bubble gum nail polish.

I chose to wear the bubblegum nail polish first, as the strikingly bright colour jumped out at me! It’s so neon pink I couldn’t capture it properly in any of my photos. The texture is quite matte, which I like, but I’m thinking of putting a glossy top coat over it.

I’m looking forward to trying out the other colours soon!

Are you brave enough to wear neon nails?


3 thoughts on “Models Own It Bubblegum Fan

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