Visit to Rock and Rose Restaurant

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went for dinner and drinks at Rock and Rose restaurant in Richmond.

The staff were really friendly when we arrived, the atmosphere was buzzing and the decor was certainly glamorous. There were lots of roses, chandeliers, bright pinks and blacks!

First, we headed to the bar for a pre-dinner drink. It was very busy and took a while to get served, we also noticed that a couple of the bar staff didn’t seem to get along – one told the other his mojitos looked bad in the Asahi glasses! Apart from that, my cocktail was well worth the wait! I had the cocktail of the week which was the chocolate martini, which is supposed to be an after dinner cocktail but I couldn’t wait to try it!

We were shown to our table and ordered a bottle of gewurtztraminer to drink and some bread and olives to nibble on.

To start my boyfriend got grilled halloumi bruschetta, portabello mushrooms and figs which he enjoyed and never knew he liked figs until then! He says the bruschetta was awesome!

I had the chilli salt squid to start, which was wonderfully chewy on the inside with a nice crunch on the outside. The sweet chilli dipping sauce gave it a nice spicy kick.

I had the rock and rose glazed ribs as my main course, the portion was bigger than what I expected and came with hand cut rock fries with coleslaw. I loved the saucy ribs and the delicious tasting chips. I wasn’t a fan of the coleslaw though, it was warm and soft and I like mine crunchy and cool.

My boyfriend had the Angus rib eye steak rare with hand cut chips, but he didn’t really enjoy it. He said the cut was tasteless and was too charred on the outside and his chips were too big and quite crispy but not really cooked through.

We were so full but got tempted with the dessert menu and ordered a white chocolate & passion fruit cheesecake. It tasted heavenly and the passion fruit sauce gave the white chocolate a nice tang.

The meal came to £94.50 plus service charge which is quite pricey for just a normal night out, but will definitely come back and have already recommend this place to my friends. The meal could have cost more if we didn’t check the bill, as two portions of the monkfish curry was added onto it which weren’t ours!


Strawberry and Watermelon Nails

Using a few of my nail polishes which included, Collection 2000’s ‘hot looks’ in ninja 36, Bourjois’ ‘so laque ultra shine‘ in rouge casino 25 and jaune trendy 39 and my Models Own nail art pen, I attempted to turn my nails into strawberries and watermelons!

Despite what other people have said about the Bourjois so laque nail polish brushes being awkward, I really like them. I found the application easy and only needed one coat of the polish on my nails to get a bold red colour. Unfortunately, Collection 2000’s hot looks nail polish wasn’t as good; it was really thick and came out gloopy on my nails. I was once again happy with my Models Own pen, which I’ve used and mentioned in one of my previous posts on Munch and Makeup!

Here’s how the strawberries and melons turned out –

Have you got fruity with your nail polishes before….?

How to Make an Oreo Milkshake

Last week I made a naughty milkshake, it was naughty because it was an Oreo milkshake which makes it very calorific (yet delicious at the same time)!

Like my strawberry milkshake recipe that I shared on Munch and Makeup, I didn’t really use measurements. Here’s what you need if you fancy making one –

Tub of vanilla ice cream
Half a packet of Oreos
Semi Skimmed Milk
A dollop of Nutella (optional)

Method (1 or 2 glasses)-
1. Scoop about half a tub of ice cream into the blender (I used half a tub of carte d’or)
2. Pour in about half a glass of milk and whizz.
3. Add in the Oreos (I used 6) and blend together.
4. Have a taste and if you want it chocolatier add a dollop of Nutella.
5. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I’ll need to be doing A LOT of Zumba to burn this off! What’s your favourite milkshake?

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint Review

I kept seeing the adverts for the Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint on TV, so when I was in Superdrug I decided to pick one up.

I’m not usually a fan when it comes to anything on my lips apart from lip balm, as they get quite dry and lipsticks/lip stains just show the dryness even more. This was also the case with the MF lip tint.

I chose shade 05 and I love the deep berry colour. I liked the felt tip nib and also the light feel of the tint. However, it would have been better if my lips were in better condition in the first place, I did try applying lip balm before the MF lip tint but I think it may have stopped the colour from coming out the pen!

Here’s how it looks –

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had the pen and it seems to have dried up. Not a good investment of £5.99.

Have you had a better experience with Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint?

Meaty Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burgers

Over the weekend a couple of us went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) to take advantage of the burger, chips and drink for £10 meal deal.

I chose a blue cheese burger and got some extra blue cheese dip and onion rings for the side.

GBK offers the best burgers to fill hungry bellies on the high street – they are huge, messy and satisfying.

My burger was filled with beef, relish, blue cheese and fresh salad including tomato, lettuce and onion (the only thing that was missing was a gherkin!). The golden, crispy chips and onion rings were a delicious nibble for the side. However, my eyes were certainly bigger than my belly, I finished the burger but couldn’t finish ALL the chips and onion rings.

After the meal I suffered a food coma and had to have a nap… it was that good and well worth the tenner!

Have you visited GBK for a meaty burger lately?

Leopard Nail Art with the Models Own Nail Art Pen

Last week I tried out my Models Own nail art pen. I decided to have a go at leopard nails as it seemed the most obvious (and easiest) design to try out first.

Here’s how they turned out –

For the background of the leopard spots I used jade green, then for the actual spots I used bubblegum pink. Once dried, I used the nail art pen to make random lines around the spots and also in the gaps.

The nail art pen has a pen nib for precise designs and is easy to use. On the other end is the long brush which I haven’t used yet – it looks like there are a few stray hairs sticking out so I might give it a trim before I let out my creative side!

I’m trying to think of food based designs I can do on my nails! If you have any ideas please let me know, I’ll try and attempt them and show you how they turn out on munch and makeup!

What to do with Fruit that Needs to be Eaten?

We’ve all bought fruit with good intentions to eat them, but sometimes other things just look more tempting in the fridge.

Then there’s the problem of when you have so much fruit to eat before they start getting mouldy. What to do? Blend it to a smoothie! That’s what I did with my raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

I have to admit, the smoothie tasted really sour which I think was due to the raspberries.

I will definitely look into different smoothie recipes to make. It’s a great and easy way to get my 5 a day!